CxO Advisory Practice

Technology and Business Integration Strategy

The S&A Group provide a full range of executive advisory services directly for board members and senior executives. Our engagements are led and delivered by some of the most respected and experienced CxO's from around the world - supported by experts from each consulting practice. Never has it been more important in these tough economic times to maximise the value of any investment in a new market launch, business transformation or organisational change. Our experienced board level consultants can help analyse options, develop strategy and deliver tangible and measureable benefits.

Business Strategy & Growth

We can help define and enable corporate vision, business strategy, guiding principles and the cohesive development of tactical action plans. We have worked with many leading companies to raise efficiency and performance levels. Increasing top or bottom lines, or reducing costs or operational risk can be complex. Yet, through our proven methodology we have consistently delivered above forecast results by understanding all the critical elements required for success.

Business Operating Models

We are experts at optimising Business Operating Models, resulting in quantum improvement in processes and profits. Developing Target Operating Models (TOM's) and strategic roadmaps to achieve your desired business state.

Performance Improvement

It is well proven that using experienced external performance consultants can identify significant opportunities for improvement. We have a number of case studies where the returns on money, product/service quality and reduced processing times have been significant and outstanding.

CxO Services Engagement Models

We offer a number of options to suit our clients unique needs. Our most popular engagement models include:-

Business “Review & Recommend”

Using our unique method coupled with our extensive Board experience we can provide an incredibly fast 3-7 day “review and recommend” service. These rapid services remove emotion and current corporate thinking and provide clients with 2nd opinons and fresh insight into;

  • Most serious performance issues and ideas to address them quickly and effectively
  • Areas that are underperforming and the best ways to optimise for greatest improvements
  • Governance and how to adjust activities for better management and control

Optimised Operating Models

Our unique approach has saved companies £millions in one-off and recurring costs. We can perform preliminary reviews within 7 days and provide options for changes that would provide the greatest positive impact.

Performance Improvement Efficiencies

Our objective no-nonsense approach has made significant savings for even the largest companies. Sometimes allowing an expert to see things from the outside is the quickest way to identify and resolve issues that affect an otherwise well run organisation. This is done with tact and diplomacy.

Whether a review or working to deliver savings and improvements, we work in partnership with our clients and transfer our knowledge and skills so you can continue to deliver success

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