Strategic Planning & Enterprise Portfolio Management

Strategic Planning
Projects fail. Sometimes with a bang and sometimes with a whimper

Survey's indicate that 80% of IT projects are seriously late or over budget and indicate that, across other sectors, project failures are not exceptions but the rule.

Lessons Learned reports almost always prove failed projects have typically exceeded budgets or timescales because they were unrealistically estimated and planned from the outset.

The real mystery is why project teams continue to "do the same things over and over again yet expect different results". Critical planning questions such as what will it cost? or how long will it take? are often substituted with more politically correct questions such as “what can we afford?” and “how long do we have?”.

Note: It’s very unlikely that any project will meet such optimistic expectations unless they are firmly supported by thorough strategic planning.

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

drive up your enterprise strategic project planning

We believe passionately that planning is the key to producing achievable timescales and cost estimates for any project. Our mission is to introduce effective project planning methods from the outset and maintain them throughout the life of each project. The right plan enables project managers to optimise time and resources whilst aiding communication and helping to ensure that any issues encountered can be addressed promptly. Proper planning maximises the chances of projects completing on time, within budget and to the right specification.

Our strategic planning consultants are ready to facilitate early project brainstorming sessions accommodating your preferred project management toolsets. We can supply full or part time planners for the duration of your project, provide planning as a remote service or rescue existing projects that have gone awry. We manage project portfolios exceeding £1B for world leading organisations.

Whether you are already convinced of the need for sound project planning (but don’t know where to find the skills) or are yet to be persuaded, you’ll benefit from a meeting with one of our strategic planners.

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