Enterprise Integration Architecture

Integration, Middleware, SOA & Interoperability

You may be adopting a full on Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) approach to decouple and reuse complex services or building a robust application migration programme to move from legacy mainframe systems. We can help define your integration strategy, technology solutions, implementation road map, governance structure or benefits realisation program. Our senior consultants are career experts in integration and interoperability. Backed by our corporate thinking consultants from CIO, CTO & Chief Architect backgrounds we help to ensure integration is neither a lost opportunity nor a serious operational risk to your business. Let our experts:-

  • Quantify Every Benefit available to you through good Enterprise Integration
  • Implement an Enterprise Integration Strategy to realise business value
  • Establish a High Performing Integration Architecture Practice capability

Benefits of Effective Enterprise Integration

Technology and Business Integration Strategy

Enterprise Integration Architecture utilities technology, process, methods and approaches to address fast paced business change. Providing an agile business model which can quickly integrate, process and exchange multiple sources of information safely and economically. Some common benefits easily realisable through an S&A engagement include:-

  • Lower Technology Costs
  • Less Business Operational Risk
  • Increased Business Agility
  • Reduced Business Complexity
  • Increased Reuse of Assets & Processes
  • More Efficient Vendor & Supplier Management
  • Standardisation of Technology & Processes

Jumpstart Solutions for your Enterprise Integration Architecture

Technology and Business Integration Strategy

We have packaged solutions available to quickly assess, establish or uplift your Integration capability:-

  • Our Enterprise Integration Assessment Service performed by leading industry integration specialists will provide an honest, in-depth and impartial report detailing how well your current capabilty supports your strategic objectives. We will provide insight into the associated costs, activities and benefits of further development and improvement.
  • One-Day Strategic Integration Workshop to provide an industry expert to facilitate structured walkthroughs of the integration topic with a focus on helping explore your own organisational strengths and weaknesses
  • Integration Strategy Jumpstart Programme provides a flexible mix of consulting, training and ongoing mentoring to develop your own integration expertise

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