S&A's Architecture Practice will Define, Align & Optimise your Business

Business Architecture and Enterprise Architecture the DNA of an organisation

Our Business and Enterprise Architecture teams leverage a concise component-based framework & methodology to help clients understand their current business operating models, align strategy and realise their desired future Target Operating Model (TOM).

Through utilising clear & concise business blueprints of the enterprise, leaders are able to identify, develop, reuse & reorganise essential business capabilities in order to meet & exceed business value propositions. At The S&A Group, we use a lightweight, yet structured architecture development methodology to quickly and effectively build your business vision. Helping define and articulate your business strategy, tactical objectives, transformation blueprints and technology roadmaps. Our Business Architecture approach & framework may be implemented in whole or in part following a logical & methodical lifecycle.

Stage 1: Establishment

Business Transformation Blueprints

By clearly understanding your strategic vision & objectives we can work with key decisions makers to establish the initial scope & depth of your architecture objectives. We will identify & select in-scope products & services, partners & suppliers, organisational capabilities, key business & IT initiatives as well as establishing the necessary governance structures.

Stage 2: Definition

By understanding your business motivations, operations, analysis frameworks & relationships which link your enterprise together, we can define the domain & scope necessary to cohesively align (and adapt if necessary), the Business Architecture Framework to best deliver your corporate strategy.

Stage 3: Design

On consensus of the business objectives, approach, & framework we set about adapting or implementing the Business Architecture Framework - either from a top-down; bottom-up; middle-out approach. This agility can help rapidly deliver rich & usable value for your business.

Stage 4: Development

Because no two organisations or transformation projects behave or can always be approached in the same manner, we can set about tuning & maturing the Business Architecture through specific relationship modelling of key attributes. A Business Lifecycle Model is then produced which can be reviewed, ratified and then organically maintained.

Stage 5: Validation

All businesses ultimately respond to events by the information they can understand & assimilate. It is therefore imperative that information flowing through the enterprise is captured, modelled & simulated. This can then be utilised to validate the effectiveness of the emerging Business Architecture and adapted accordingly.

Stage 6: Implementation

Once the Business Architecture has been established, it can be implemented in the organisation as an organic asset & used across multiple business domains to: identify opportunities or challenges; baseline remediation &/or business continuity plans; develop business transformation models; benchmark Target Operating Models & various Continuous Improvement Projects; validate/align business requirements.

Continuous Improvement Architecture Cycle

Architecture is an iterative process. Business landscapes, goals, competitors, trends, technology and such like all change at differing speeds. As such, executives, architects & analysts must constantly adjust roadmaps and future operating model design to reflect constant change. Once your current environment is understood, you will find that creating an agile change culture will enable executive management teams to react quickly to business change.

Let The S&A Group use our deep expertise across all the strategy and architecture disciplines to help you establish, grow and develop your business and architecture capability. From supplying individual consultants to supplement your existing teams to the complete design, establishment, training and mentoring of your own high performing architecture practice.

If you prefer, our Professional Services teams can deliver packaged project based deliverables to achieve your architecture outputs. Utilising experienced consultants to deliver your 'Architecture as a Service' outcomes so you don't have to maintain your own capabilities. We work as trusted advisors, suppliers and partners to leading organisations across the globe.

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