Strategy & Leadership

Strategy Practice includes outstanding strategic thinkers and thought leaders. Our global reach, depth of knowledge and research capabilities develop vision, strategy, new operating models & business transformational roadmaps

CxO Advisory Services from our own award winning experienced FTSE executives quickly imparts insight, foresight and experience to our client boardrooms

Our Governance Practice includes leading contributors of COBIT who use their vast experience to assess, re-design and optimise corporate & IT governance frameworks

Our Project & Programme Management Practice uses highly skilled programme directors, project managers, strategic planners and inspirational leaders to establish or recover complex client change initiatives

Our Strategic Planning Practice can facilitate your early project brainstorming sessions accommodating preferred project management toolsets. Providing full or part-time planners and even helping to rescue existing projects

Vendor Management & Outsourcing Strategy Practice led by career outsourcing professionals from demand and supply help ensure pre and post contract success for all parties

Architecture & Change

Our World Class Architecture Practice brings expertise in Enterprise, Business, Information, Applications, Technology & Solutions Architecture. From maturity assessments, practice development and training services to packaged services developing your strategy, roadmaps, operating models

The Integration Practice from leading experts in business, software, systems, SOA and technology integration helps train staff, develop strategy, architect technology and build corporate & industry integration platforms

Our GreenIT & CSR Practice ensures compliance and adherence to external and internal eco-friendly environmental practices through establishing strong CSR capabilities

Our IT & TCO Economics Practice defines the true cost of IT for client organisations. Our experts have built TCO models for £1B+ annual IT budgets and can help ensure you exploit maximum value from your IT investments

Our Business Process Management Practice can develop tooling and BPM strategies to fully model, understand and improve business processes. Ensuring informed business decisions with clear benefits are identified

Technology & Applications

Our DataCentre Practice utilises CTO’s, ITIL practitioners, service delivery experts and Data Centre managers to design, consolidate, manage, improve and transform corporate technology estates. From migrating to the cloud, rebuilding your corporate SAN or fully virtualising your SOE

The Systems & Applications Practice helps design and manage complete systems development lifecycles for both on/off shore management. From estate rationalisation to defining testing strategy to implementing agile methodology every function can be optimised for lower cost, risk and complexity

Our Security Practice from industry experts keeps your data, staff and knowledge where you want it and not where you don’t. From fully CISSP qualified architects to hardening, pen testing and physical security strategies for mobile devices, storage, networks and computers

Our ERP & SAP Practice helps assists clients through the complete lifecycle of ERP adoption. From cost/benefit analysis to supplier procurement and implementation leadership