Our Company

The Strategy & Architecture Group ("The S&A Group") is the European trading entity and universal brand name for a powerful eco-system of S&A employees, partners, consulting associates and 'alliance' partner organisations.

Supported by the Groups' core back office functions and world class consulting partners our member firms are bonded together by our fundamental values and principles.

Through collaborative working patterns, honest and open knowledge sharing, reciprocal support and assistance guarantees, shared capability access and superb research and knowledge management The S&A Group ensures maximum success for all our clients in the services we deliver.

Under analysis, our own business model may seem identical to organisations such as McKinsey, Deloitte and many leading law firm structures. However, by keeping tight controls around access, membership and talent management we focus on a much narrower channel of capabilities delivered to an extremely high level of quality. In addition, keeping fixed costs down, collaborating with our clients and controlling our level of scale and growth we believe we are the most agile, value for money, honest and genuinely client focused services firm in our field.

We encourage clients new and old to market our firm rather than shouting about the things we have done. We discuss our activities very carefully so as not to inadvertently disclose sensitive information about our clients, we are careful to never assign the same individual to competitive clients and we never claim delivery of benefits we were not directly accountable for.

Our most prized statistic is our retained client base and the only countable opinion is that of the people who commission us. If you want capability, honesty and focused effort the S&A Group will deliver.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most respected and sought after Strategy & Architecture services firm in the world. Known for delivering extraordinary value, quality and speed of execution across our consulting, training and resourcing lines of business.

Our Differentiators

Our own business strategy and operating model offers our clients a number of high value benefits:-

The S&A Group

  • We concentrate on our core services and leverage our best in class alliance partners to deliver the ultimate combined experience for our clients
  • We can uniquely deliver our capabilities through a cohesive services mix of Consulting, Advisory, Outsourcing, Training & Resourcing
  • We are proven 'thought leaders' in our fields and recognised contributors to community and practice development
  • We offer a highly professional, yet personalised service to our clients. Using the very same resources that also deliver our operations branded through prestigious global consulting firms
  • We work with 100% independence acting wholly on our clients behalf. We are 100% Vendor & Framework neutral and have no reseller relationships with any 3rd party product suppliers
  • We leverage our extensive industry relationships with S&A organisations for the benefit of our clients

Consulting & Advisory

Our consultants, partners and associates have spent their careers delivering the S&A activities we offer. This ensures a wealth of support is provided to every member of the S&A Group working in 'the field'. Ultimately providing the highest quality of delivery to our clients. We can provide solution based package services, short term interim managers, fully bespoke SOW projects or simply an ad-hoc executive advisory service to help our clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Resourcing & Recruitment

Our recruiters and consultants have performed detailed interviews with hundreds of leading architects, both for ourselves and our clients. This enables us to have the most complete view of the available hard and soft skills, capabilities and remuneration packages within the disciplines and landscape in which we operate. This knowledge and experience saves our clients vast amounts of time and energy when recruiting their own talent. We can advise on role types, team mixes, experience requirements, typical salaries by region or industry and most importantly, help to de-risk the possibility of hiring the wrong person.

Our consultants can fully understand the most demanding and complex client requirements as we have performed every role ourselves. No challenge will be misunderstood and you will not spend endless days reading unsuitable CV's. We will perform detailed interviews and, as we do for our own Firm, we will conduct both overt and covert analysis and research on candidates before they meet you.

We will utilise our own exhaustive set of capability interview and assessment techniques which help us find the best talent available for ourselves and our clients